Unique Chic Children’s Thomas Tank Engine Train Bed With Matching Mattress

This train bed is an amazing addition to your little one's bedroom, which is practical and decorative enough. It's made out of the finest wood and it resembles a train. There is enough space for your baby to sleep or play inside and also there is a dresser with diaper changing top. I tried to dig out how to make this rustic baby train crib, but only a similar idea of making train bed available. Great that you can recycle those old baby changing dresser and cribs, and make a train base with this tutorial to make above train crib, cool! This set is super fun! There's a crane to swing a section of track around just in time for Thomas to chuff across it, a spiral track for him to chug up, and a crown that falls into his freight car as he zooms down through the tunnel. We've had a lot of fun trying to find other objects that are the right size and shape to replace the crown and drop into the freight car.

The features of this bed are also great. It has working headlights which can be easily operated by children. Don't forget, you'll need to buy four pieces of AA batteries for them to work. To conserve battery life, they will turn off after 15 mins. This is useful when kids fall asleep while reading or playing something in their bed, so you as a parent, don't have to check him over and over again. Another great feature is safety. This bed's got side rails high enough and long enough to prevent sleeping children fall off, especially when it's converted into a toddler bed, but if you convert it to twin sized it's still going to protect your kid from falling.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Fantastic purchase and customer service! Excellent customer service! We opened the box a few days before Christmas to put it together (and hide!) and there was a piece missing. We contacted customer service and told them this was supposed to be a gift from Santa. They expedited the part and it arrived on Christmas Eve! Santa pulled through and our kids are in love with it! Highly recommend!!thomas toddler bed walmart

From the side you would think that the Corvette bed with lights is indeed the iconic American luxury supercar. From the front, it features the same unique signature grille styling with front wing and spoilers. Best of all, the headlights do function providing it a very realistic feel. The sleek curves of its top cover functions as the bed's safety side rails. But where's the bed's legs? In its place are 4 wide-rimmed super tires with chrome plated mags. If you didn't know any better, this might as well be the best looking Corvette you have ever laid your eyes on. The toddler bed is made of polyurethane construction finished in non-toxic materials.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from I highly recommend this product to buy. My Grandkids had lots of fun with this roller coaster. This is absolutely best product on the market for kids. 

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