Looking For A Solution For Your Chronic Lower Back Pain? Try Massage Therapy

If massage therapy is still a mere indulgence for you, then you have to change this perception. A number of scientific studies suggest that massage therapy has the ability to provide a significant relief for chronic lower back pain, which afflicts millions of people throughout the world.

A research that was conducted at the University of Kentucky found that people who have crossed the age mark of 50 are most likely to benefit from a regular back massage.

Proof to back that statement.

The world works on proofs. If someone is claiming something, then he/she must have proofs to back his/her claims. Researchers who were checking the effects of back massage therapy followed 100-odd patients who had consulted their doctors regarding back pain, which they were suffering from for past three months or more.

The back pain was chronic was sure, and when they were given the massage therapy, they told researchers that the intensity of pain has got down significantly after 10 massage therapy sessions of an hour each. This clearly means that back massage therapy is indeed effective for chronic lower back pain.

Back massage therapy should be preferred as the first line of treatment because it is a treatment without side-effects. People in the recent times have been seen taking opioids and other drugs for lower back pain relief, which is not the right thing to do. It is encouraged by the doctors to find a safe, effective alternatives, such as massage.

Let us find out drug-free alternatives that are available

Doctors usually prescribe medicines for general medical problems including back pain. It is important to understand that painkillers will bring just a temporary lower back pain relief, and if taking painkillers becomes a habit, then it may cause renal problems and a deteriorated immune system.

The first line of treatment for lower back pain relief should include massage, acupuncture, spinal manipulation, chiropractic care and other such treatments.

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