Install Plantation Shutters – How?

No wonder, soon after the installation of plantation shutters, instantly they offer an element of worldliness and of course a class to you home and its surroundings. They’re fortunately an extremely easy do-it-yourself project. Today, people are becoming more technically savvy in terms of every work, allied to their house like electricity, plumbing, etc. Small problems can be tackled quite easily.

Installing plantation shutters is not a very difficult job. One can easily install them. Together with the appropriate resources and a few standard handyman know how. BUT…If you don’t have that much of time to devote, then you can get the best blinds near me or blinds and shutters at Blindman Utah based installation services to get the job done on time

Get Your Tools

Before you can begin to install your plantation shutters, you require correct tools.

You need:

1. A metal tape to do measurements.

2. A pencil, to indicate the complete areas for the blinds.

3. A wood shim to make sure these places are accurate you will require, which is a thin piece of smoothly cut timber useful for space.

4. A screwdriver and a punch to hang the shades.

blind installation
5. A power drill

6. Screwdriver along with right sized drill head before beginning. Well, to get lifetime warranty of the work you do, it would be better to take guidance from the experts.

Proper Placement:

1. The success and beauty of your plantation shutters ultimately utilizes their being inserted correctly before installation.

2. Start your method by putting your wood shim on top of the windowsill. The shim really helps to help your shutters while you are observing their right places, keeps them in position when you are installing them, and helps to ensure that your shades are equally distanced from your windowsill.

3. Take the complete group of shutters for your window and place them along with your window shim. Line them up with your window the way you would love them to seem, and then check to be sure they’re level.

4. Utilize the guide holes to mark where you’ll need to exercise.


1. Remove the blinds, once your routine guides are marked and drill the correct holes.

2. Install wood anchors of the shutters into your drill holes to ensure that they could endure the weight of the blinds.

3. Put the anchors return the blinds towards the wood shim. Brand the shutters up with all their anchors as well as the holes screw them into place. You shutters are installed.

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