Growing Lavendars in my Backyard

Calming and relaxing while good for your skin, lavender is one of the most popular herbs and is used in bath and beauty products and for taming stress. It also has such a strong presence because of its overwhelming scent. You know if there is lavender around.

Lavender oil is thought to have anti-inflammatory and septic properties which can be used assist with healing minor burns and bug bites. I once had a sunburn on the tops of my legs and all I had was lavender essential oil and a wet towel. I put the towel on top of my legs and 30 minutes later there was no redness!

Research has shown lavender essential oil can help with anxiety, insomnia and depression. This is why neck pillows and dream pillows often have lavender in them because the scent alone can trigger your body to relax.

There were 4 lavender plants in my backyard at one point and then two of them were removed because the area had a lot of weeds and one was overgrown so this year I have 2 enormous plants that I am picking and picking.

I make little bundles of lavender to give away and then dry the rest to use in syrup for lemonade, face toner, teas, healing salves, tinctures (especially good for headaches) honey and likely other purposes. I am thinking of making soap again and it comes in handy for that as well.

North of here in Sequim there is an annual lavender festival. I went twice and it is amazing! There are farms with rows and rows of purple. The scent is intoxicating and smells like summer. The farms offer U-Pick and make and sell everything lavender. Lavender ice cream and lemonade along with dried lavender and their own bath and body products are available. In the next town there is a lavender farm that also has the same offerings but on a smaller scale.

Lavender is grown in quantities for its essential oil which can be distilled from fresh flowers straight from the field. For more details on how I grow my lavendars, go to my site here or read this article.

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